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If you didn't find all the answers you wanted on our other pages, hopefully this frequently asked questions list will give you the rest.  Failing that, simply call us on the number in the top right corner, or fill out the form on the Info & prices page.


I'm really shy, and don't feel comfortable in a towel.


No need to worry about this.  Everyone is used to seeing people of all ages, shapes, sizes etc.  We're all the same in a towel. No matter what you are embarrassed about, you can feel safe here, and nobody will laugh at you.


I've never been to a sauna before.  What's it like?


The best thing to do is join our ShoutOut blog (click this link).  You will receive a fre two page guide on safe cruising.


What you're really asking here is "what will happen to me" or "what am I expected to do while I'm there".  The answer is do what you feel comfortable with.  If you want to "join in" then you can.  Just use body language to say yes or no.  If you just want to watch, that's fine.  And if you just want to use the facilities and not play with other guys, that's fine too. We are all encompassing here, and nobody will pressure you into anything.  If they do, just come and tell us and we will deal with it discreetly, or explain what you need to do.  And don't worry, we were all nervous when we first started to go to saunas.

Do I need to bring a towel or anything else with me?


No.  We provide as many towels as you need, along with shower soap, condoms, lube etc.


But who needs a towel anyway...... come to one of our NAKED DAYS


Do I need £1 for my locker?


No, we give you a key on entry.  The lockers do not require any money or deposits.


What happens if I lose my key?


Your key, your locker and everything else you bring with you is your responsibility while you're with us.  If you do lose your locker key we have spare keys to access your stuff.  We will take your name and number and call you if we find it, but in the meantime, we will take a £10 lost key fee from you.  Should we/you find the key later, we will refund your £10


Take care of your Day Pass or Weekend Pass too, as we cannot replace these if you lose them.  You will have to pay again.


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