Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I can now tell you we are reopening on:

Monday 5th July @ Midday


Every Day Midday-9pm

£15 for everyone, any time, any day

Pre-booking is mandatory for the first hour of every day to avoid breaching social measures

Further details soon available on our web site and apps as we get more info and guidance, posted to you as it happens

Thank you for supporting us. Without you, there is no “us”.

We expect from 19th July you will be required to check-in with your NHS app on your smartphone, or via the GT-QR app from the AppStore or GooglePlay

we will advise on any further measures as and when they occur

This last 14 months has been very tough on all of us, My staff and myself are under immense pressure from the increased responsibilities and duties we must carry out. While we’re happy to chat with all of you, we want to make this a space for you to get away from COVID19.

So please, keep it safe, respectful and real, but above all, enjoy yourself.


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