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For those of you who have not only enjoyed our venue, but also pink Broadway in Southampton over the years, it would be remiss of us, not to give you the heads up that pink Broadway sadly, is no more

Following the events of the last two years, also, and considering the numerous and vast changes that lie ahead of us in the coming years, this is a trend in small to medium sized businesses across the UK, who are finding it incredibly difficult to survive, particularly considering things like massively inflated energy prices of which we have no control

It is with great sadness that I bring this news to you, and hope that this post has saved you a wasted journey, were you unaware of its closure.

My heart goes out to the owners. Such a loss to a small business owner is nothing short of absolutely devastating, especially when the circumstances are totally and utterly beyond control

I also want to thank all of our customers for your huge display of loyalty in recent times, despite a number of issues and breakdowns that we have recently been suffering. It is, of course, with your ongoing support that businesses like ours can have a chance to survive in these very difficult and confusing times.

We have always, and will continue to sink our hearts and souls into our businesses, and though it may seem that nothing is going on in the background, I can absolutely assure you that a vast amount of energy and work is always going on in order to restore full serviceability.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. It has been incredibly tough to say the least and the pressure sometimes seems almost unbearable.

Thank you again so very much for your continued support.


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