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To subscribe, text



07537 402022

VIP Membership Scheme


Every month we send out a single text message direct to your phone with the current month's discount or offer, which is only available to VIP members who show the text message as they arrive.  We also use this service to update you on new events, parties and other exciting information from time to time.


We endeavour to keep the texts as discreet as possible, and normally we will only send you 1 text each month.


We do not pass your number on to any other company or person, the data is only used by The Boiler Room, for internal promotions, including our CumUnion parties across the UK.


To join the service costs you 1 standard rate text, normally about 5p.  Then all the texts you receive are free (paid for by us).


You can opt out of the service any time you like by sending the word STOP to the subscription number, but then you won't be able to benefit from the offers and discounts.


You can rejoin any time you like.


Example offers include:


  • Cashing in your full loyalty card any time, any day

  • Discounted entries at certain times or days

  • Free food offers

  • and much, much more.

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